At Roz Hi-Tech, we’re proud to not only perform computer repair in Harrisonburg, VA, but provide the support you need for the gaming systems you love. For help with hard drives, blue ray players, and HDMI cords for your Xbox 1, Xbox 360, PS3, and PS4, we’re dedicated to get you back in the game. We’re passionate about helping you with all the technology you use and love every day. With that in mind, here are 3 Xbox problems and how to fix them.

1. Disk Drive Makes Grinding Sound

Has this happened to you? A lot of Xbox users have reported a grinding sound and a message reading,

“Sorry we can’t play that disc. Try an Xbox One game, music CD, or a movie on a Blu-Ray or DVD.”

Microsoft has actually addressed this and confirmed that owners can return the hardware. If this is a problem for you, make sure to return the hardware to where you bought it. Although, a replacement can take a while if there are stock shortages. They usually throw in the offer to expedite it and throw in a free download of your choice if that is the case.

2. TV Doesn’t Have the Right Resolution

Some Xbox users have reported an issue with the Xbox One detecting the proper display resolution to use. From the Xbox dashboard, select the Menu button to bring up settings. Select “Display & Sound” option and then select “TV Resolution” to choose the right  setting. If you have a newer TV, make sure it has the most recent firmware. If you are still having display issues, try a different HDMI cable.

3. Console Isn’t Updating

Some users have reported issues during the mandatory update phase. When this occurs, the Xbox One won’t be able to access the majority of Xbox One features. For this problem there are a variety of things you can try before you contact Microsoft:

  • Check the Internet- This may be a little obvious, but any interruptions could be preventing the update
  • Leave it and Try Again Later– Sometimes if there are downloading issues, it could just be too many users or the system undergoing maintenance.
  • Cycle the Xbox One– Hold down the power button for five seconds until it shuts down, then unplug the system and wait 30 seconds. Then, plug it back in and turn it on. This will clear the cache and reset the network card.
  • Consult the Error List– If you are receiving a specific error message when you do this update, check Microsoft’s network connection error list.

Of course, if you try all of these things and it still doesn’t work, then it may be time to contact Microsoft.

Need More Help?

At Roz Hi-Tech, we also do some services for Xbox One and 360 including:

  1. HDMI Port Replacing

If you need help with this or any computer repair in Harrisonburg, VA, don’t hesitate to seek our help.  At Roz Hi-Tech, we’re proud to provide computer repair in Harrisonburg, VA and beyond to help as many people as possible with their technical difficulties. Customer satisfaction is our top priority and we are constantly monitoring performance to make the service we provide that much better. Our experienced technicians are trained using the latest techniques to be able to troubleshoot and fix all of your computer problems. From diagnostics to repair, we’re committed to keeping your computer running at its fullest potential. If you’re ready to get started, contact us today.