About Us

Whether you need computer repair specialists to look at your laptop, tablet, iphone, android, or even your video game console system— we’re ready to assist. Serving customers in Harrisonburg, VA and beyond, we’re dedicated to providing the best possible solution for you. If you’re interested in learning what we can do for you, check out some of our services and price points for all of your devices.


Apple Products|Computer Repair Harrisonburg VA

We’re happy to provide the following services to repair all kinds of Apple products:

Macbook Pro, Mac Air, iMac and Mac Mini

  • Factory Restore, Factory Settings, Reset and Fresh Mac OS X Installation.
  • Password Removing.
  • EFI Lock Removal.
  • Mac Air LCD Replacing. 
  • Motherboard replacing.
  • Broken Screen Replacing.
  • Fans replacing.
  • Processor replacing.
  • Heat sink, replacing.
  • Speakers, replacing.
  • New Setup.
  • Keyboard Replacement.
  • DC Jack Replacement.

In addition we provide repairs for iPads and the following iPhone generations:

iPads and Tablets

  • Crack Screen Replacing
  • Crack LCD Replacing
  • Charging Port Replacing
  • Battery Replacing
  • Factory Reset
  • Data Recovery


  • Replacing Apple iPhone LCD and Screen Assembly
  • Replacing Back Rear Housing Assembly
  • Replacing Charging Port & Audio Flex Cable
  • Motherboard Connect Cable
  • Power Mute Volume Button Switch Flex Cable
  • Home Button Assembly with Flex Cable Ribbon
  • Mother Board Replacing part not included

All Windows Computer Repair Services

  • Windows Reinstall + Application Installations
  • PC Tune UP and New Computer Setup
  • Laptop LCD Screen Replacing  
  • Desktop/Laptop Internal maintenance
  • CPU Fan Replacing  
  • DC Jack Power Port Replacing
  • Trackpad and Keyboard Replacement   
  • Virus Removal and Installing Virus Protection
  • PC Motherboard Replacement
  • Dead Computers Data Recovery

All Android Cellphones

  •  LCD Replace
  • Charging Port replacing
  • Power Switch Button
  • Replacement Battery
  • Replacing Camera
  • Ear Speaker Earpiece Flex Cable
  • Loud Speaker
  • Vibrating Motor
  • Replacing DC Power Jack Socket CHARGING PORT

 Game Console Services 

PS3, 4, Xbox 1 and 360

  • HDMI Port Replacing
  • Hard Drive upgrade

We Sell refurbished Devices with 30 day’s warranty.