Working in computer repair in Harrisonburg, VA, we know how hard it can be when your computer starts running into issues. The best way to keep your computer running well and not having to get it repaired all the time is by doing preventative maintenance. Though, unlike taking care of your HVAC or your car, it can be daunting to figure out what kind of maintenance you computer needs. With that in mind, here are 3 essential tips to keep your computer running smoothly.

1. Take Care of Your Screen and Keyboard

Especially if you have a laptop, you need to make sure you’re not being to rough on the screen or the keyboard. Because laptops are designed so compactly, sensitive components must be stored directly below the keyboard. You should avoid slamming or punching down on keys with excessive force, as this may damage the components underneath. LCD screens of all kinds are also sensitive, so avoid poking the screen too hard or placing heavy objects on top of your laptop or desktop. Keeping this safe will improve your computer’s health in the long run.

2. Back Up Your Data Constantly

As much as you may try to have a healthy computer, hard drive failure is difficult to predict and may even occur within the first few months of computer ownership. It’s absolutely develop a strategy for backing up your data regularly. Whether you are using usb’s, invest in an external hard drive, or utilize cloud storage, make sure your most important documents are backed up and safe.

So you don’t get caught off guard, our computer repair specialists in Harrisonburg, VA reccomend that you try to schedule regular backups weekly or monthly so you don’t lose everything if disaster strikes.

3. Scan For Viruses Regularly

No matter how new your computer is or what operating system you use, it’s incredibly important to install antivirus software. While your computer may come with a free trial of anti virus software, we strongly recommend installing a title that won’t expire.

Need More Help?

If you’re having computer troubles, don’t hesitate to seek the help of Roz Hi-Tech for Mac, PC, and Android repair. At Roz Hi-Tech, we’re proud to provide computer repair in Harrisonburg, VA and beyond to help as many people as possible with their technical difficulties. Customer satisfaction is our top priority and we are constantly monitoring performance to make the service we provide that much better. Our experienced technicians are trained using the latest techniques to be able to troubleshoot and fix all of your computer problems. From diagnostics to repair, we’re committed to keeping your computer running at its fullest potential.